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This website is dedicated to swimming and other exhilarating water sports. There is a wealth of information on the substantial health benefits of swimming, and how it can improve your muscle strength and flexibility, boost your metabolism, keep you trim. and help ward off or ameliorate various health conditions. There is also news on the way that the drab and dreary swimming bath centres of the past have now been transformed into hip places to enjoy a great sport and socialize with like minded people.

There is a section with easy to follow, helpful advice for anyone who wants to become better at freestyle swimming. This includes basic tips and easy techniques such as helping you to breath better by avoiding water uptake, and working to keep your torso balanced.

Two interesting articles are dedicated to the basics of various types of water sport including: wind surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, water surfing, and kite surfing. Here you will find basic information on the type of equipment that is used, a well as the general basics on the different types of sports.

And for those who like a flutter on their favourite competitive swimmer, or on an up and coming cmpetitor who may just come in at first place, and win them a handsome sum of money; there are some excellent easy to follow betting tips and strategies for placing successful bets on swimming competitions. Everything is explained in a clear to understand fashion, which readers should find very helpful on their pathway to winning at betting.