Different Types of Water Sports Part 2

Water Skiing

Water skiing, which is a type of skiing on water, is another hugely popular water surface sport. The equipment involved consists of a sole ski on which you place both your feet; or a set of two skis, one for each foot. Then, with the help of a top speed motor boat, you attach a suitable ski cable to the end of the boat. You then hold the other end of the cable which has a loop, so you can be pulled along without doing any work, other than keeping upright and looking out for any obstacles. As you enjoy the adrenaline surge, you swiftly glide along the water’s surface like someone out of the tales of the rich and famous. This exciting sport can be seen in the World Championships, the World Games, the Olympics, and every main championships involving water sports.


This is surfing with a difference! With wakeboarding, which is partly derived from snowboarding, instead of riding the waves, a top speed boat gives you a lot of help, and tows you along. The board features weights and fins, and this enables the wakeboarder to control it with their feet. Wakeboarding is frequently carried out in lakes and small bodied waters. It has been featured in the World Games, the X games, and the World Wakeboard Championships.


Just as the name implies, part of the equipment for this sport, is a kite. A wakeboard or surfboard is also used, and either one is attached to a kite which, through the energy and current of the wind, pulls the surfer along. The kite has to be controlled however, and this is a skill which must be learned. There are also a number of regulations and rules which you have to abide by. But once you have understood these processes, you can have a fantastic time.