Great Tips to Improve Your Swimming

If you want to become better at freestyle swimming, and not get exhausted too quickly, it means that you need to more relaxed when you swim at both a fast and moderate pace. If you follow the tips below, then you can achieve this and much more.

1. In the first instance, aim to have your head in alignment with your torso, and focus your vision towards the base of the swimming pool. This is important, because if you focus in a forward direction, it will make you inclined to raise your head, and that will make your legs and hips drop. You will then be forced to make stronger kicks in order to keep your legs and hips at trunk level.

2. The next swimming technique is working to keep your legs and hips up with very little effort. This is easily done by applying downward pressure on your chest and head. When this happens, as air fills your lungs, they get extremely buoyant, and this generates a lever effect as pressure on the upper body makes the lower body elevate itself.

3. Tip number three is to ensure that just before taking a breath in, you lift your head. If you do not do this, then your legs and hips will drop. Also, if you roll over so your side is touching the water, then you can allow your head to go to the side slightly more, almost as though the side of your face is resting on a cushion. That way the water will not be near your mouth, and you can take a good breath in.

4. Aim to do more swimming using the sides of your body as opposed to keeping you body flat and swimming on your chest and stomach. When you apply yourself using the sides of your body, and use each stroke of the arm, plus roll from one side to the other, you will be working the shoulder muscles and large muscles in the back, both of which will help with propulsion.