The Health Benefits of Swimming: Part 1

Ameliorating Your Heart

Regular consistent swimming sessions which involve a decent workout and good technique, offer participants unrivaled cardiovascular conditioning. And although it can be said that at an elite level, other types of exercise such as cycling and running can have a greater outcome, if you include swimming in a cross training program, and step up at every session, then you will achieve an ameliorated overall fitness level.

Improving Your Muscle Strength

When you swim regularly, you can expect to get what is known as “swimmers’ muscles,” meaning you will generate leaner and longer muscles. If you do weight training as well, then this positive change will complement the denser shorter muscles from that form of exercising. In addition to this, the new muscular benefits that you derive from swimming will enable you to burn off your calories for a longer period of time, as the muscles will help to speed up your body’s metabolism.

Strengthening Your Core

Your core body strength can be developed in a very beneficial way through regular swimming. The reason for this is because this form of exercise demands that every muscle in the body is worked simultaneously. And while the upper body is responsible for 70% of the body’s efforts to stay afloat and swim, you can still get an excellent leg workout from fin and kick board exercising.


Swimming does not just improve muscular strength and increase cardiovascular capacity, it also allows the body to have a rest from activities with a higher impact such as weight training, running, and basketball. If you can create a routine with a balanced workout, then you will not have to miss your regular training sessions, and it will help you to prevent injuries by giving the body sufficient time to recuperate from the strain.