The Health Benefits of Swimming: Part 2

Increased Flexibility

These days, unless you are an exponent of yoga or tai chi, it is likely that you are not doing enough to maintain and improve your flexibility. Often, people do not realise that they have lost the level of flexibility that they had in their early 20s, until they start to get problems from restricted movement and stiffness as early as their 30s and 40s. This is where swimming and water sports step in, when you swim or exercise in a heated pool. The wonderful heat of the water which is so relaxing, de-stresses the muscles and boosts flexibility. This in turn allows you to carry out crucial stretching, and you will be surprised at how much further you can stretch compared to normal.

Furthermore, if you take part in any workouts such as weight lifting, cycling or running, which are lactic-acid-building intense sports, you will be delighted to see that just a simple swim of a few laps will enable your body to dispel the toxic build up. This toxic build up is creating the sore and tight muscles which you regularly get from lactic acid building intense sports that you have taken part in the day before.


When compared to other physical activities, people are able to swim for a longer period of time. Furthermore, if you employ the right swimming techniques which you can learn from having a few classes, or one to one lessons; or even by reading or watching a YouTube video, you will be delighted to see that you will find yourself being able to swim and train for a greater amount of time compared to running. For example, you will burn up more calories due to your metabolism revving up faster. And remember that having a first-class freestyle swimming technique is crucial to carrying out effective strokes.